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Nurses Phone in Results Service

Please note the nurse’s phone in service (to obtain test results) is operational from 12pm-1pm, Tuesday to Friday. The nurses phone in number is  086 2047305. This is understandably a very busy service, please be patient as our nurse answers as many calls as possible during this time. Thank you for your co-operation.

Please do not ring outside this time as you call cannot be dealt with.

Fee Change

From Monday 22nd Jan 24

Please note there will be a small increase in our fees due to rising costs from Monday 22nd Jan 24.

The main change will see our fee for a GP consultation change from €65 to €70.

As a practice we always aim to do our best, to deliver the best medical care we can to you and to your family and we thank you for your continued support.

Christmas Hours 2023

Friday 22/12/2023 By Appointment9am-2pm
Sunday 24/12/2023Christmas EveClosed
Monday25/12/2023Christmas Day Closed
Tuesday 26/12/2023St Stephen's Day Closed
Wednesday 27/12/2023Non Routine Surgery9am- 12pm
Thursday 28/12/2023Non Routine Surgery9am-12pm
Friday 29/12/2023Non Routine Surgery9am - 12pm
Saturday 30/12/2023Closed Closed Closed
Sunday 31/12/2023New Years Eve ClosedClosed
Monday 01/01/2024New Years Day Closed Closed
Tuesday 02/01/20247Routine Surgery Hours 9am-12.30pm2pm - 4.30pm

Flu and Covid Campaign 2023/2024

Our adult vaccine clinics will be starting from Wednesday 4th Oct’23. There will be dedicated clinics running on Wednesdays each week during October and November (depending on demand). Patients who fall under the criteria below for the vaccines should contact the surgery to book in.

Childrens Flu clinics will run on Thursday afternoons (by appt 2pm to 4pm) starting from Thursday 19th Oct. Please complete the consent form and drop it into us prior to your appointment. Copies are available from our front desk or you can print it directly from our website.

Adult Influenza Vaccine – Patients should fall under the following HSE’s criteria in order to receive the free flu vaccine.

The HSE recommended influenza vaccine for:

· People aged 65 years or older.All pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy.

· Those aged 13 to 64 years who are at increased risk of Influenza- related complications:

o Chronic illness, e.g. chronic heart disease (including acute coronary syndrome), chronic liver disease, chronic neurological disease (where the neurological condition compromises clearance of respiratory secretions), chronic renal failure, chronic respiratory disease (including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, moderate or severe asthma, and bronchopulmonary dysplasia), diabetes mellitus, or haemoglobinopathies

o Immunosuppression due to disease or treatment, including asplenia or hyposplenism, and all cancer patients

o Compromised respiratory function (e.g. spinal cord injury, seizure disorder, or other neuromuscular disorder,) especially those attending special schools/ day centres

o Adults with Down syndrome

o Moderate to severe neurodevelopmental disorders such as cerebral palsy and intellectual disability

o On long term aspirin therapy

o Those with morbid obesity (Body mass index >40)

· Healthcare workers

· Household contacts of people with any of the complications listed above

· Out-of-home care givers for people who have an underlying chronic health condition or have Down syndrome. A carer is someone who provides ongoing significant level of care to a person who is in need of care in the home due to illness or disability or frailty.

· People in regular contact with pigs, poultry or waterfowl

Any patient outside of the criteria above will have to receive one of the private flu vaccine.

For private flu vaccines, the fee is €30.00 which includes and cost of purchasing the vaccine and administering of same.

Covid Booster

Criteria for the booster vaccine;

· Any patient aged 50 years and older

· Any patient aged 18-49 with a medical condition associated with Covid-19

· Any patient aged 18-49 with immunocompromised medical conditions

· Pregnant ladies

· Healthcare workers

Flu Vaccine for children -Clinics

· The Nasal Flu Vaccine is recommended by the HSE to all Children aged 2-12 years. (QIV should be given if LAIV is contraindicated)

· Children aged 13-17years at high rish from flu are also recommended to have the injection Flu vaccine. See list of recommendations under the adult flu.

Dr Gavin O’Reilly

Sept 23

Dear Patients,

We wish to inform you Dr Gavin O’Reilly will be leaving the practice on the Friday 29th September 2023.

Dr Gavin has been a valued member of our medical team for the last 2 years. We would like to thank him for looking after so many of our patients during this time. 

From all at The Parks, we wish Dr Gavin all the very best in his future career.

Free GP Care to Under 8 Children

As part of our commitment to delivering the best medical care to our patients and our community this practice has opted in for the Free GP care to children under 8 years of age. In 2015 the free under 6 GP care was introduced and as one of the first practices to offer this service to our patients, has been a successfully managed service to all.

Undoubtedly this new age bracket will add additional pressure on our daily appointments.  We are confident that with the co-operation of Parents/Guardians we will continue to see those most in need of an appointment as quickly as we can.

There will be a limit in how many patients we can safely see each day and we will continue to follow best medical practice, prioritising those in more need of an appointment.  Routine appointments should be booked in advance hopefully with the GP of your choice. Urgent same day appointments will be made and given to those in most need and the choice of GP will not be an option – For this to work, we must have the co-operation of Parents/Guardians.

Registration process for patients – open from August 12th 2023

It continues to remain the responsibility of the parent/guardian to register your child for this contract.

You will need the registering childs PPS number.

1. Log on to

2. Follow the instructions. The practice is registered under Dr Orla McCormack and under Dr Conor Maguire.

3. On completion you will receive a confirmation email telling you a request has been sent to your chosen GP for approval.

4. The surgery approves requests daily.

5. When your application is approved, a card with the GMS number on it will be sent out to you. Please contact the practice with this number to ensure your child is added correctly to our panel.

For children turning six with an existing under 6 card, this card will be automatically renewed, there is no need to reapply

6. We can only see under 8 children free of charge who are on our panel therefore we would encourage you to register now if you haven’t already done so.

New Guidelines for Patients Regarding Mask Wearing

The HSE HPSC (Health Protection Surveillance Centre) has recently changed the national advice about mask wearing in healthcare settings. In line with this advice, patients who do not have respiratory / Covid-19 symptoms will no longer be required to wear a mask while in the practice or during your consultation with the GP or Practice Nurse.

Any patient who wishes to wear a mask, and feels more comfortable doing so, can wear a mask.

Masks are also optional for healthcare staff, your GP/Nurse may choose to continue to wear a mask.

Any patient with respiratory symptoms MUST wear a mask at all times while in the practice.

 What this means for your appointment:

  • When you are calling to make an appointment we will continue to ask all patients if you have any respiratory symptoms 
  • When you arrive for your appointment, you will be asked again during check-in if you have any respiratory / Covid-19 symptoms to ensure that nothing has changed. If you have no relevant symptoms, you can enter the surgery and no longer need to wear a mask in the Waiting Room or during your consultation. You can still choose to wear a mask if you want to, and the GP or Practice Nurse may continue to wear a mask.

 Patients with respiratory symptoms

  • If you do have respiratory / Covid-19 symptoms when you call to make your appointment, you will be asked to do an antigen test to ensure you are not Covid positive. If your antigen test is negative, you can attend the practice for your appointment. If you have a positive antigen test, please let us know as your appointment will need to be rescheduled. 
  • If you have respiratory symptoms, and a negative antigen test, you will be asked to wear a mask for your appointment and will be asked to wait outside after you check-in until the GP or Practice Nurse calls you. This is to help protect other patients and staff from any potential spread of illness.
  • If you have respiratory symptoms, the GP or Practice Nurse will also wear a mask during your consultation.

As we all get used to this new approach to healthcare, with masks for respiratory symptoms only, we ask that you respect these guidelines and wear a mask when requested to do so.

We look forward to seeing everyone’s face again and hope to see the smiles that have been hidden behind masks for the last number of years!

Easter Opening Hours

The surgery will be closed from 1pm on Friday 7th April and will reopen Tuesday 11th April. Should you need medical assistance outside our opening hours please contact Northdoc on 1850 22 44 77

Wishing all our patients and their families a happy and healthy Easter…