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Child Flu Vaccine (2-12 year old)

The flu vaccine for children aged between 2 and 12 years of age is now available. Full information can be found on the HSE website or by clicking the link below

Due to the high volume of children in our practice and the current day to day demands for appointments we will be running designated vaccine clinics, the first clinic is scheduled for Saturday 24th October 2020. If demand dictates, there will be two scheduled midweek clinics running week commencing Monday 2nd November 2020.

These appointments are strictly practice approved appointments. Prior to an appointment being made, we are asking that

  1. The parent/guardian of the child fully reads the consent form attached here.
  2. All aspects of the consent form to be filled out and returned by hand to the surgery.
  3. This will be reviewed and the relevant appointment will be made.

Adult Flu Vaccine Update

We have received notification of a shortage of supply of Adult Flu Vaccines for our scheduled delivery next week. We understand it is a nationwide shipping issue and all is being done by the HSE to get these vaccines out to GP Practices as quick as possible. From 28th October we will not be in a position to offer any appointments for a flu vaccine. Our aim was to prioritise our most vulnerable patients and at risk groups with our previous deliveries, which we did, and our hope is to resume these clinics as soon as adequate stocks arrive. Thank you for your support and understanding. We will continue to update the situation on this page.

HSE Guidance for Parents re Symptoms of Covid-19

Below is the link to the HSE website to help parents assess and manage their child. Section E may be of particular interest in determining if contact with your GP is required.

Practice Update 15/06/2020


We can now offer the following types of appointments

Face to Face GP                  60euro

Face to Face Nurse            40euro

Tele Consultation             40euro

The Process

  1. Ring 01 8203303 and request an appointment
  2. You will be asked the relevant Covid questions
  3. Based on these answers a face to face or telephone consultation appointment will be made.

The Appointment

  1. Face to Face – our car park is now our waiting room, we would ask that you come on time for your appointment, notify us that you are outside.  We will alert your GP that you have arrived and we will bring you inside when your GP is ready to see you.
  2. We have a one way entry and one way exit system currently being used, you will enter from our side entrance and leave from our front entrance – this is to ensure social distancing is adhered to all the time.
  3. We ask that you “travel light” so no buggies/car seats/jackets/scarves etc – where possible just your car keys and preferred method of payment
  4. As per public health guidelines, a face to face consultation should be no more than 15 minutes therefore if you feel you need more time with your GP please let us know and we will organize a telephone consultation instead.
  5. For children, only one well parent/guardian can accompany the child in to the GP and we ask that siblings are not brought in where possible.
  6. All blood appointments must be GP lead, it is not possible to book in for bloods without prior discussion/consultation with a GP.
  7. Telephone Consultations: We will make every attempt to do same day telephone consultations however this may not always be possible  due to the nature of our business, and may roll over to the following day


  1. Prescription requests – these will be GP lead, your GP may need to see you before a prescription request can be processed or alternatively they may need to do a “script review” telephone call which will incur a fee of 20 euro.  All prescriptions are emailed to your chosen pharmacy usually 48 hours after your order request.  Please note you need to advise your pharmacy you have a prescription to be filled.
  • Social Welfare certs

These are now sent online directly from your medical file.  All requests will be reviewed by your GP prior to sending and you will be notified if a review visit is necessary.  The turnaround time for ordering your cert to submitting your cert is 48 hours.

  • GP call backs

Unfortunately due to the time constraints are GPs are all under, particularly since Covid 19, it is no longer possible for a GP to return a call.  If it is a simple follow up based on a previous consultation please leave the query with one of our secretaries who will endeavour to get it resolved as quickly as possible.  For everything else please make an appointment for a telephone consultation which will be scheduled in due course. 

Our services during Covid-19

We would like our patients to know that we remain open but with a “closed door” policy.  This means the majority of consultations with the GP will not be done face to face, but by phone or video consultation.

If you or your family member have a medical issue covid or non covid related please contact us on 01 8203303. The details will be taken by one of our secretaries, followed by a telephone from the GP.  Where applicable there will be a fee for this service.

As per guidelines the Maternity & Infant Care Scheme and Primary Immunisation services (Child Vaccines) remain a priority and will take place in the surgery, adhering to HSE infection control guidelines at all times.

To make your appointment please call us on 01 8203303 and we will go through the necessary steps.

Of note, there will no evening surgeries during this time due to GP demand throughout the day On a final note, can we say thank you to all our patients for the kind words, wishes, gifts and support you have all shown us through these very difficult times

Covid 19 test results – current position

1) GPs will be the last to receive the results of COVID-1 test

2) Results will be issued first to the patient

3) If the result is negative, patient will receive a text message from Public health

4) If positive, patient will be phoned by a PH Doctor to enable contact tracing, they will advise on patient self isolation and protocol for household contacts

GPs will received the result but at a later date