The Parks Medical Centre now operates by appointment. Although it may not be possible to guarantee an appointment with your chosen doctor on any given day, please be assured that we will always  try to facilitate you as soon as we possibly can.


There is always a facility for care of medical emergencies, should you feel you fall into this category please let reception know when calling and we will endeavour to get you seen in the surgery without an appointment. However, as this is an emergency appointment your choice of doctor will not be possible and only the emergency issue can be dealt with at this time.  This service is not available for routine medical issues.  Outside of surgery hours please contact Northdoc on 1850 224477 ( for directions to the Hartstown clinic),-6.4212095/@53.391992,-6.4255975,16z  


Booking an Appointment

Appointments can be booked either by telephoning the surgery on 01-8203303 or in person during office opening hours.

Cancelling an Appointment

We ask that patients contact the surgery at their earliest convenience (preferably 24 hours prior to appointment) when wishing to cancel their appointment. In doing so this ensures that valuable time is not wasted and the appointments can be offered to another patient.

Unattended Appointments

Repetitive non-attendance for appointments will incur a fee.

New Patients

New patients are always welcome in The Parks Medical Centre. To register with us please call into the surgery and simply fill out a patient registration form. We will instantly register you on our system and provide you with any extra information you need to know about our surgery. Alternatively you can click here to download our patient registration form and post your information to us.

GMS Panel/Medical Card Panel

Please note that our current GMS/medical card panel is at full capacity and as such we cannot accept NEW GMS/medical card patients.  However we will always try to accept applications from our existing patients who become entitled to a medical card either due to ill health or lifestyle changes.

Length of Appointments

The standard length of a single consultation for morning, afternoon or evening appointments is 15 minutes. If a longer appointment is necessary, please inform our reception staff at time of booking appointment.

House Calls

The Parks Medical Centre does not offer a house call facility as we believe a better service can be provided within the surgery. We can, however, arrange to minimise/eliminate the waiting time for extremely ill patients. Exceptions are made for terminally ill patients where agreements have been made with their regular G.P.

Under 6’s

Routine Appointments

Due to the high uptake of patients signing this contract, we will have designated daily routine appointments available for our under 6 children to be seen.  With suitable booking notice, it may be possible to see the GP of your choice however again due to the high volume of uptake on this contract we cannot always guarantee this.

Urgent Appointments

As has always been the policy of this practice, sick children are and always will be seen on the same day.  These children will be facilitated in urgent under 6 “emergency” appointment slots.  We would ask  that you respect the nature of these appointments to ensure the most urgent cases are seen as quick as is possible.

Medical Card Holders

The Parks Medical Centre offers a wide range of medical services with no cost to medical cardholders. There are, however, a number of services that your doctor may provide that are not covered in their contract with the HSE. In such cases The Parks Medical Centre is entitled to charge the appropriate fee for such services. Please click here to find details of such services in the Fees section of our website. If you wish to apply for a medical card please click here and fill out the application form.

Garda Medical Scheme

Under the new Garda Medical Scheme, members of An Garda Síochána are eligible for G.P. consultations at no cost to the patient. Please note, in order to process claims, forms must be completed fully and clearly with your name, date of consultation, your badge number, the GP you attended and your signature.
The Garda Medical Scheme covers members for a G.P. consultations only and therefore any extra services that are provided will be charged for accordingly.
Please note Retired Gardaí are not covered by this scheme.

Contacting Our Doctors

Should you need to speak with one of our Doctors please leave a clear and concise message with our secretary and the Doctor will call you back.  There is a limit of how many calls a GP can return and we have no alternative but to prioritise the clinically urgent calls.  We would therefore ask you to consider your request before asking for the GP to call you back.  While our reception team will always respect your privacy, they will ask you the nature of the call and we would urge you to give them as much information as possible to determine the urgency and the validity of your phone call.

Alternatively if you wish to speak with Dr. Orla McCormack, She has a patient phone in time between 9 and 9.30am on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday mornings. The number to call is 01 8203582. Please note should you call while Dr Orla is on a call, you will be asked to leave a message, please do so and your call will be returned.