Under 6’s Contract, Practice Policy & Immunisation schedule July 15

Under 6 children and plan for Winter 2021

Oct 21

We are heading into another Autumn/Winter with our Under 6 contract.  Based on this year so far, we envisage the demand to be even greater than previous years.

Our previous experience has shown more often than not that these appointments are made too early and will require a 2nd appointment for review.

This has led to unsustainable pressure for GP appointments, our office continually working off daily cancellation lists, and always liasing with GP’s to try to prioritise those that need the appointments the most.

We will no longer be working off cancellation lists.

We will have daily designated emergency appointments allocated to facilitate our Under 6 children.

They are deemed “emergency” appointments meaning the GP can and will only deal with the one presenting issue.

Please respect the nature of these appointments as they are designed to enable us to see your child in a quick and safe environment.

Routine appointments can be made and booked in advance.

And finally, while we would like to thank you for your support and understanding during this very busy period, it is with regret that we have to say, although in the minority, we are experiencing unacceptable demands and behaviour from some of our patients.

Abusive and excessively demanding behaviour towards our staff is not acceptable, it will never be tolerated in this surgery and if directed at any staff member, a change of practice will be required.

Thank you in advance of your co-operation.

Registration process for patients 

Before logging on to the website, PPS numbers for the child and parent/guardian are required.

1. Log on to www.GPVisitCard.ie

2. Follow the instructions. The practice is registered under Dr Orla McCormack.

3. Type “Dr Orla Mc” and Dr McCormack’s name will come up.

4. On completion you will receive a confirmation email telling you a request has been sent to your chosen GP for approval.

5. The surgery is approving requests daily.

6. When your application is approved, you will receive a text “GP visit card no 1234567. GP can verify eligibility”.

7. It is vital you contact the practice with this number as we need to enter this number on to our system to ensure your child is added correctly to our panel.

8. If you do not present this number, your child will not be added to our panel and will not be seen free of charge in the practice.

9. We can only see under 6 children free of charge who are on our panel therefore we would encourage you to register now if you haven’t already done so.

10. Our under 6’s policy will always be available to see on this website and we would ask you to read it fully.

This policy is set out to continue the smooth running of our practice and to ensure ALL our patients are looked after.

Under Six Contract – Revised – SEPT 2018

We are heading into our fourth Autumn/Winter with our Under 6 contract.  Every year we see an increase of at least 100% more demand for appointments than the previous year and based on last year we can envisage the same – this means we expect to see an average of 400% more under 6 children than before the contract came into place and more often than not these appointments are made too early and will require a 2nd appointment for review.

This has led to unsustainable pressure for GP appointments and last year we worked off daily cancellation lists, always trying to prioritise those that needed the appointments the most.

This year will undoubtedly be the same, however, to manage a smooth and efficient service we will be implementing the following changes:

Change to bookings:

Morning appointments:  These will be classed as “emergency” appointments.  An emergency under six appointment is for a sick child who needs to be seen quickly and who cannot wait for a routine appointment.  The GP can and will only deal with the one urgent issue at hand in this appointment.  Please do not book your child in for this appointment if it is not an emergency!!

Afternoon appointments:  These will be classed as “routine” appointments.  A routine appointment is a non- urgent appointment and as such it is expected that you may not be offered a same day appointment.

Evening Appointments:  These will be classed as “emergency” appointments as above.

To manage this service as efficiently as possible the admin team may ask you for the nature of the visit during the booking process, this is purely to determine the type of appointment needed.

To continue to enable same day appointments for those children that need it, we will need YOUR co-operation too and are asking ALL our parents/guardians to work with us and this new system.

For new born children, we ask that you get your child registered for this contract as soon as possible as it is not possible to see children free of charge without the appropriate GMS card.

If the surgery is closed and your child needs to be seen urgently please use our out of hours service, NORTHDOC which has many clinics to choose from – our most local one being Hartstown.  The contact number is 1850 224477

Revised Under 6 Practice Policy (2017)

We are heading into our third Autumn/Winter season with the under six contract in place.

Over the past two years, we have monitored the demand and thus are able to forecast the effect this contract will have on our practice, in particular, the availability of appointments for ALL our patients.

Our aim is to facilitate as many of our patients as we possibly can while maintaining a smooth running practice.

1) Firstly, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to register their child for this contract. Any patient that needs to be seen and isn’t registered will unfortunately incur a fee. The registration process is very quick and simple. We access the registration suite daily to accept new registrations. Log on to www.gpvisitcard.ie and follow the steps or see below for more details.

2) Our numbers show that every week we see over 100% more children for under 6 consultations than previous to the start of the under 6 contract. To ensure our under 6 children have continued access to this service we only accept new patients within our catchment area – see details

3) Many of these consultations require further review visits as the initial consultation was too soon to treat.

4) We have increased our GP sessions to facilitate this increase and have also extended our opening hours.

5) Even with this increase of sessions we are continually trying to fit in same day “emergency appointments” for under six children.

6) The impact on all of this compromises our ability to see our many other patients for same day visits.

So, taking into consideration that the Autumn/Winter period is usually the busiest time in a GP practice, to try facilitate ALL our patients being seen when needed, we are asking our patients to be a little more aware before making an appointment.

This is the way we will best manage our Under 6 appointments. This has not changed from last year and we hope with your co-operation we can work together to ensure it all runs smoothly this year.

Routine Appointments

These will be carried out during the afternoon surgery and will be shared among all our GP’s. With suitable booking notice, it may be possible to see the GP of your choice however we cannot always guarantee this.

Urgent Appointments

As always the policy of this practice is that sick children are and always will be seen on the same day. These children will be facilitated in urgent under 6 “emergency” appointment slots. These appointments will be carried out in the morning surgery and evening surgery when possible. We would ask that you respect the nature of these appointments to ensure the most urgent cases are seen as quick as is possible. If you feel your appointment can wait until the following day we urge you to take a routine appointment.

That said it is the ethos of this practice to deliver excellent medical attention to those who need it as quickly as possible and we would re-emphasise our policy that sick children will and always will be seen on the same day. This becomes extremely difficult if appointments are filled with non urgent appointments.

As always your feedback is crucial to the smooth running of this practice, please feel free to drop a note in the comments box provided or at reception.

Practice Policy (2015)

We are delighted to accept your child under the Under 6’ contract.  The following are some guidelines we have developed to ensure the success of this new project for both You our Patient and The Practice. As this is a work in progress, changes will undoubtedly be made and we would ask you to regularly check our website as this is our main method of communicating these changes to you:

The Catchment Area

Any family who is a patient of our practice and have been seen within the last three years will be automatically accepted by the practice.  However there is a maximum number of children we are allowed to accept as per the HSE directive.  With that in mind, we will accept patients within our catchment area.  Our catchment area is as follows:

Carpenterstown, Diswellstown Manor, Hamiliton Park, Luttrellstown, Fernleigh, Annfield, Riverwood, Bramley, Park Manor, Fottrell Hall, Bracken, Mulberry, Collegewood, Collegefort. 

The Contract

  1. This contract entitles any child under the age of 6 to receive free GP visit care. .
  2. Wellness Checks – These are two specific wellness checks to be carried out aged 2 and aged 5. If time allows these will be carried out opportunistically during consultation.  

Newborn Babies

The HSE have confirmed that New Born babies not holding a PPS number cannot be registered for the Under 6 contract and can only do so when they receive one.   There can be a delay between the time of birth registration and receipt of a PPS number.  Our advice is to get your baby’s registration processed as quick as possible as until your child is registered for the under 6 contract, he/she will not be entitled to be seen here free of charge.

If you do not have a PPS number for your child please contact the Client Identify Services, Dept of Social Protection on lo call 1890 927 999 or email cis@welfare.ie.

Routine Appointments

Due to the high uptake of patients signing this contract, we will have designated daily routine appointments available for our under 6 children to be seen.  These are shared among all our GP’s.  With suitable booking notice, it may be possible to see the GP of your choice however we cannot always guarantee this.

Urgent Appointments

As has always been the policy of this practice, sick children are and always will be seen on the same day.  These children will be facilitated in urgent under 6 “emergency” appointment slots.  We would ask that you respect the nature of these appointments to ensure the most urgent cases are seen as quick as is possible.

One appointment per child

When making an appointment for the under 6’s please indicate at this stage if the appointment is for 1 or 2 children.  It is not possible for our GP’s to squeeze a second child into an appointment time designated to one child.

**Please note: NB

As soon as you receive your child’s GMS number (via text and/or post)  you should contact the surgery with this information.  Children are not covered for the under 6’s scheme until this number has been inputted and verified on our system. 

Changes to Immunisation Schedule July 15

For babies born on or after 1st July 15 there will be a change to the National Immunisation Schedule. Below is the new schedule

AgeNumber of InjectionsVaccines
2 Months2 Injections6 in 1 & PCV
4 Months2 Injections6 in 1 & Men C
6 Months2 Injections6 in 1 & PCV
12 Months2 InjectionsMMR & PCV
13 Months2 InjectionsMenC & HIB

or for more information please visit


Other childhood immunisations available

Bexsero – MenB

Varicello – Chicken pox

Please see our “services” page for detailed information on these vaccines.