Obtaining Test Results

It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure they have received their results

Please note that some routine blood tests taken in this surgery may take up to 14 working days to be processed. All our blood tests are outsourced by Connolly hospital to an external lab.

Your GP may make contact with you by text when ALL your blood results are back or you may be directed to our dedicated results phone in service which is managed by our Practice Nurse, Denise. 

This service is operational from Tuesday to Friday mornings from 12pm to 1pm and the number to call is 086 2047305

If you have had blood tests/procedures/investigations ordered by your GP done, please notify your GP by calling reception to ensure the necessary follow up is made. 

If you are awaiting test results for a recent blood test or imaging procedure ordered by your GP please ensure you contact the surgery to follow up with us.

Individual hospitals/clinics all have different wait times for results to be processed and it is the responsibility of the patient to ensure we/they have received their results.

Please ensure you are aware of the process of getting your results before leaving the surgery today.