Communication & New Initiatives

A corner stone of our business is Communication. It is always on our radar as an area of improvement/development.  We have instigated some new initiatives:

Health Mail

The practice has joined up to Health mail. This is a specialist medical email system that allows secure transfer of confidential medical information between medical professionals. It is approved by the HSE and the ICGP. The Parks Medical Centre is registered and can communicate with other health care professionals that are also registered eg other GP’s or Hospitals. An example of its use is emailing referral letters to Consultants, rather than what happens presently ( at your request we fax your letter to the Consultant). This is ill advised by our medico legal advisors as your confidentiality may be compromised. We do it, when requested, to oblige you. Health mail allows us to provide the same service to you without compromising your confidentiality.

Text Messages

We would like to inform all our patients that we can now send messages via text. As you know text messaging is a very quick and effective way to communicate.  We envisage using the text message to advise patients to contact the surgery about results, appointments etc. Your permission will first be sought by way of verbal consent as will confirmation of your correct mobile number. All this will be documented and saved to your file. We feel this new service will save both patient and clinician a considerable amount of time trying to make contact. Your privacy will always be respected as will your wish not to be texted should this be the case. Please be assured of our commitment to always maintain absolute confidentiality when dealing with any medical information.