Update on Vaccines, Menengitis B (Bexzero)., Varicella(Chicken Pox), Hepatitis A

The latest update from our suppliers is that they hope to have these vaccines available in September 16. We will continue to keep you updated on this.

Bexzero/Men B:

Bexzero has become available now from our suppliers.  We are currently contacting the patients on our waiting list. Please note our supliers have increased the cost of these vaccines and unfortunately the prices have increased:

2 doses = 300 euro ( 2 doses + vat + carriage + administering fee)

3 doses = 400 euro ( 3 doses + vat + carriage + administering fee)

Varicella Vaccine (Chicken Pox):
This vaccine also remains unavailable from our supplier. We have checked with our pharmacy to see if they can source it however they too are finding it is short with their suppliers also.
Hepatitis A:
This vaccine is also unavailable to GPs and while we are continually in contact with our suppliers we are unsure as to when it will be available again. Should you require this for travel purposes it is advisable to contact The Tropical Medical Bureau www.tmb.ie