Under 8’s Contract & Practice Policy

We are delighted to accept your child under the Under 8 contract.  The following are some guidelines we have developed to ensure the success of this new project for both You our Patient and The Practice. As this is a work in progress, changes will undoubtedly be made and we would ask you to regularly check our website as this is our main method of communicating these changes to you:

The Catchment Area

Any family who is a patient of our practice and have been seen within the last three years will be automatically accepted by the practice.  However there is a maximum number of children we are allowed to accept as per the HSE directive.  With that in mind, we will accept patients within our catchment area.  Our catchment area is as follows:

Carpenterstown, Laurel Lodge, Luttrellstown, Fernleigh, Annfield, Woodbrook, Riverwood, Mulberry, Bracken, Collegewood, Collegefort. 

As discussed with Dr Hassan, we welcome his patients also.

The Contract

  1. This contract entitles any child under the age of 6 to receive free GP visit care. .
  2. Wellness Checks – These are two specific wellness checks to be carried out aged 2 and aged 5. We will have a specific clinic for this and will be carried out by our nurse.  Please visit our website regularly for more details.

Routine Appointments

Due to the high uptake of patients signing this contract, we will have designated daily routine appointments available for our under 6 children to be seen.  These will be carried out during afternoon surgery and will be shared among all our GP’s.  With suitable booking notice, it may be possible to see the GP of your choice however we cannot always guarantee this.

Urgent Appointments

As has always been the policy of this practice, sick children are and always will be seen on the same day.  These children will be facilitated in urgent under 6 “emergency” appointment slots.  We would ask  that you respect the nature of these appointments to ensure the most urgent cases are seen as quick as is possible.

Further Updates 22/07/15

Registering babies under 2months with no PPS number

To register your baby without a PPS number go to www.citizeninformation.ie , search “Under 6’s”. Under the section “GP visit cards for children under 6” you will find the paper version of the application.  Print and complete the form leaving the PPS number blank. Bring to the surgery Where Dr Orla McCormack will sign the form and you then post back to the HSE (GP visit card- Under 6’s, PO box 12629, Dublin 11.)

**Please note: NB

As soon as you receive your child’s GMS number (via text and/or post) It is very important that you contact the surgery with this information.  Children are not covered for the under 6’s scheme until this number has been inputted and verified on our system. 

 Emergency Appointments for Under 6’s

The morning designated times for under 6’s are for emergencies only.  Routine appointments are carried out in the afternoons. We would ask that you respect the nature of the emergency appointments to ensure the most urgent cases are seen as quick as is possible.

One appointment per child

When making an appointment for the under 6’s please indicate at this stage if the appointment is for 1 or 2 children.  It is not possible for our GP’s to squeeze a second child into an appointment time designated to one child.