Summer changes 2021


Demand has increased hugely again and our appointments are limited. We envisage appointment availability will be an issue this summer.  We have always worked off a daily cancellation list however with the demand growing for appointments this list is also growing.

To ensure we see the most urgent patients when needed we are going to implement the following short- term change to our appointment system.

From 19th July until 30th August we will have a short term change to our appointment system.  Morning appointments can be booked in advance however all afternoon appointments will be same day.  We will be medically triaging these afternoon appointments.

What does this mean?

This means you can still plan and book a routine appointment in advance.  It also means we can hopefully facilitate a same day appointment for medically urgent patients who need to be seen and cannot wait for a routine appointment.  It is most likely you will not get a choice of GP and only the one urgent issue can be dealt with.

As always we appreciate your co-operation and understanding