Practice Update September 22

Fee increase

We will have a small increase in some of our fees from 1st November 22.  Full details will be  available on our website in due course.  The main increase will be our GP Consultation fee which will see an increase from 60 euro to 65 euro from 1st November 22.  

New patients

Unfortunately, we are still unable to accept registration of new patients to this practice, patients who may have attended us many years ago and would like to re-register and regrettably to family members of existing patients who would like to move GP’s. This is due to staff shortages. We will continue to review our patient numbers regularly in the hope that this is a temporary measure and will update any change on our website.

We are getting quite a lot of requests from existing patients to see Dr Myra, regrettably Dr Myra’s patient list is full to capacity and cannot take on any more patients, however as a current patient of the practice, you are welcome to see one of our other GP’s.


As you know we changed the scheduling format of our appointments earlier this year to try and best meet your needs. On review, this format is working and therefore our appointments will continue this way. To recap, routine appointments will be scheduled for the mornings, and can be booked in advance. Hopefully with the GP of your choice. Afternoon appointments are same day appointments, for issues that need immediate medical care. During these appointments only the issue needing immediate care can be dealt with and we unfortunately cannot guarantee the GP of your choice.  Our phone lines are open from 9am, this is the busiest time for patients ringing looking for appointments, we will always do our best to see as many patients as we can but it is important to note we are limited in how many same day appointments we can facilitate. As our patient we understand the difficulties these delays cause and we thank you for your co-operation.

Please respect the goodwill of all the staff at the Parks, we will continue to always try our best to facilitate as many of you and your requests as is possible.

Mask Wearing

Public Health advise the continuation of mask wearing in healthcare settings in line with evolving national guidance. It will remain the policy of this practice that patients entering this surgery must wear a mask.