Practice Update 31/08/2021

Free Under 6 GP care to new born babies

All children under 6 years of age living in Ireland can get a GP visit card. Some parents/guardians of new born babies are unfamiliar with this contract and/or do not know how to register for this card.

For parents and guardians of new born babies, it is vital you register your child for their under 6 GP card as soon as you can. It is not possible to see children free of charge without the appropriate GMS Under 6 card.

For details on how to register please visit the HSE website as below or visit our page “under six contract” on our website.

Blood tests

All blood tests carried out in this surgery must be GP led or in some cases Consultant led. It is not possible for our Practice Nurse to add on any additional tests requested by a patient. These requests have become more frequent lately and we would ask for your co-operation with this.

Consultant led blood tests – The list must be dropped in to the surgery and reviewed prior to your appointment being made. GP bloods are currently being outsourced from our local lab, we need to ensure the requested tests can be carried out before we make your appointment.


Our summer scheduling of appointments is now coming to an end, we are reviewing our Autumn plan and will have an update very soon. Thank you all for your co-operation, our appointments were managed very well as a result of it.

Flu vaccines

We have no news regarding this years Flu season but will have a plan in place as soon as we do.