Practice Update 28/10/2021

Covid Booster Vaccines

We have one last clinic scheduled to finish our booster vaccines for our patients aged 80 and over. Please make contact with us if you fall into this category and have not received an appointment.

Children’s Flu Vaccine (nasal)

Due to the low uptake of this vaccine in 2020 our first order received is for 100 vaccines. We are scheduling a designated clinic in November and will be in contact shortly for those who have dropped back the consent forms. Should you wish your child to be vaccinated please complete and return the consent form below and we will do our best to facilitate you.


New Prescription Policy

There will a significant change to how you order your prescription from now on. Please see our previous post for all the details however as always we will update this page in due course.

Under 6 children and plan for Winter 2021

We are heading into another Autumn/Winter with our Under 6 contract. Based on this year so far, we envisage the demand to be even greater than previous years.

Our previous experience has shown more often than not that these appointments are made too early and will require a 2nd appointment for review.

This has led to unsustainable pressure for GP appointments, our office continually working off daily cancellation lists, and always try to prioritise those as directed by the GP that need the appointments the most.

We will no longer be working off cancellation lists.

We will have daily designated emergency appointments allocated to facilitate our Under 6 children however as they are not limitless and the demand every growing we need your understanding and co-operation

These appointments are deemed “emergency” appointments meaning the GP can and will only deal with the one presenting issue.

Please respect the nature of these appointments as they are designed to enable us to see your child in a quick and safe environment.

Routine appointments can be made and booked in advance.

And finally, while we would like to thank you for your support and understanding during this very busy period, it is with regret that we have to say, although in the minority, we are experiencing unacceptable demands and behaviour from some of our patients.

Abusive and excessively demanding behaviour towards our staff is not acceptable, it will never be tolerated in this surgery and if directed at any staff member, a change of practice will be required.

Thank you in advance of your co-operation.