Practice Update 19/04/2021

Patients aged 60-69

GPs have NO role in vaccinating this age cohort. The HSE are NOT supplying GPs with vaccines for this age group.

Please visit the HSE Vaccination Registration portal or ring the HSE Live helpline on 1850 241 850 to register

GP’s have NO role in advising patients in this age cohort about the HSE vaccination programme and GP’s cannot offer an alternative pathway for another vaccine.

The portal is currently open to patients aged 65-69 only. This is the link

Covid Vaccination Clinic

Our next clinic is scheduled for 29th April 2021. This will be for 2nd dose 79-75 year old patients and the remaining of our over 70’s first dose. Please note, if you are 70 years old and older and have not dropped in a consent form/ or have not heard from us, please make contact with us asap.

Cohort 4a

This is the next cohort as per NIAC recommendation. It applies to patients in the Very High Risk. We are currently working on our lists for these patients however if you fall into these categories and have not been vaccinated yet please print and fill out the consent from below, returning it to the surgery. We will be in touch in due course.

Diabetics with Hba1c > 58mmol in last 12 months

Obesity with a BMI greater than 40

Chronic Respiratory Disease – (on home oxygen or hospitalized in past two years)