Free GP Care to Under 8 Children

As part of our commitment to delivering the best medical care to our patients and our community this practice has opted in for the Free GP care to children under 8 years of age. In 2015 the free under 6 GP care was introduced and as one of the first practices to offer this service to our patients, has been a successfully managed service to all.

Undoubtedly this new age bracket will add additional pressure on our daily appointments.  We are confident that with the co-operation of Parents/Guardians we will continue to see those most in need of an appointment as quickly as we can.

There will be a limit in how many patients we can safely see each day and we will continue to follow best medical practice, prioritising those in more need of an appointment.  Routine appointments should be booked in advance hopefully with the GP of your choice. Urgent same day appointments will be made and given to those in most need and the choice of GP will not be an option – For this to work, we must have the co-operation of Parents/Guardians.

Registration process for patients – open from August 12th 2023

It continues to remain the responsibility of the parent/guardian to register your child for this contract.

You will need the registering childs PPS number.

1. Log on to

2. Follow the instructions. The practice is registered under Dr Orla McCormack and under Dr Conor Maguire.

3. On completion you will receive a confirmation email telling you a request has been sent to your chosen GP for approval.

4. The surgery approves requests daily.

5. When your application is approved, a card with the GMS number on it will be sent out to you. Please contact the practice with this number to ensure your child is added correctly to our panel.

For children turning six with an existing under 6 card, this card will be automatically renewed, there is no need to reapply

6. We can only see under 8 children free of charge who are on our panel therefore we would encourage you to register now if you haven’t already done so.