Covid Vaccination Clinic

Dear Patient

We are delighted to be able to let you know that we are now in a position to orgainise the roll out of the Coronavirus vaccine to all our practice population over 70 years of age. The vaccine you will be getting is  the Pfizer-Biotech Covid 19 vaccine. You will get two vaccines four weeks apart.

The vaccine will be administered in a dedicated vaccine clinic, that will be run alternate Thursday mornings in the practice by our GP’s and Practice Nurse.  The clinics will start at 9am, there will be no flexibility in terms of changing the time of your appointment.

Clinic 1                  04/03/2021                         Vaccine 1 for patients over 85

Clinic 2                  18/03/2021                         Vaccine 1 for patients 80-84

Clinic 3                  01/04/2021                         Vaccine 1 for patients 75-80 and vaccine 2 over 85 yrs

Clinic 4                  15/04/2021                         Vaccine 1 for patients 70-74 and vaccine 2 80-84 yrs

Clinic 5                  29/04/2021                         Vaccine 2 for patients 75-80 yrs

Clinic 6                  13/05/2021                         Vaccine 2 for our patients 70-74 yr olds.

As you can imagine, this is a big task and we would really appreciate your co operation.

  • Please arrive at your allocated time
  • Please wear loose clothing so that the vaccinator can get at your upper arm easily
  • You will be vaccinated in one room by either Nurse Denise or one of the GP’s
  • You will then be asked to wait in the waiting room for fifteen minutes after your vaccine to check that you are ok.
  • You are then free to leave.
  • You will be given a note of possible side effects on leaving the surgery.
  • This particular visit to the practice will be for your vaccine alone and unfortunately nothing else can be dealt with at this time.
  • If you have any symptoms of covid 19 or you have tested postive for Covid 19, please do not attend for your appointment.
  • If you are just recuperating from any illness or Covid 19, you need to ring the surgery and let the admin staff know, they will liase with the medical staff and advise you.

All of the above will be done adhering to social distancing, mask wearing and hand hygiene.

As mentioned above your second vaccine will be Thursday four weeks after your first vaccine and you will receive this date on an appointment card when leaving the surgery.

  • You will not be reminded of this, your second appointment
  • You cannot have the appointment at any other time or day
  • You cannot have the vaccine unless you arrive at the proper time, on the right day.

Key Points:

  • Your appointment time and date is not fully confirmed until you return the consent form included.
  • This confirmation will be via a text message to the mobile telephone number you have documented on your consent form.
  • Your second vaccine will be at the same time as the first, on a Thursday four weeks later, you will not be reminded of this appointment and you cannot change the time or date of this appointment.

Due to the constraints of the vaccine itself and the timing of our deliveries there is no flexibility in the above system.

Our understanding is that those that are housebound will be cared for via the HSE, please let us know is this applies to you and we will do our best to get you looked after.

We would respectfully ask that you read this very carefully as it includes all the information that will enable you to receive your two doses of vaccine in a safe and timely manner. The phones are very busy with queries so please check our website first, this is updated every Monday by lunchtime.

As mentioned above, we are delighted and honoured to be able to provide our community with this service!

Kind Regards, The team at the Parks Medical Centre