Communication and The Phone

Thank you to everyone who supported our research into our phone systems and many thanks to to all our patients who took the time to give us their feedback. We also carried out an internal phone log to find out how you, our patients were using our phone system.

On analysis of the above information we intend to implement the changes as outlined below:

1. Dr Orla’s Phone in Service.
Presently this service is provided Monday to Friday 9– 9.30am except Wednesday. This service operates through the main phone line and as such causes extra congestion at a time when we know the phone service is already at its busiest.

From June 1st, the number to contact Orla during the phone in service is 01 8203582.

This is a dedicated phone line used exclusively for the phone in service and only operational Monday-Friday 9-9.30am except Wednesday. Please be aware that should you try to contact Dr Orla through the main phone line, 01 8203303 from June 1st we will be unable to put you through to Dr Orla.

2) Extra Staff 
Through our phone in log we have clarified that the busiest time of phone use by you, our patient is from 9-9.30am and 2-2.30pm.

From June 1st, we will have an extra staff member answering the phone at these times (9-9.30am and 2-2.30pm)

3) Phone switched on earlier
Your feedback and our phone log has clarified that the most congestion on the phone system is in the morning.

From June 1st, our phone lines will open at 8.45 am every morning Monday – Friday

We sincerely hope that the above initiatives will improve the service we provide to you. We would also ask for your co-operation and patience during the transition phase.

As always, your feedback is valued and welcomed, so please feel free to drop a note into our comments box in the waiting room or simply tell the girls at reception. They will be only too happy to pass it on.