Changes for Autumn 2017

Changes for Autumn 2017

The GP’s

We are very hopeful that we have arrived at the stage of having a core group of GP’s working at the Parks to include Dr Orla Mc Cormack IMC 00669, Dr Sinead Kelly Keating IMC 300462, Dr Myra Lynch IMC 018474, Dr Fiona Mc Kenna IMC 0229901 and Dr Conor Maguire IMC 245606 (who is joining us mid- July 2017). From September 2017 the exact working days of each GP will be clearly detailed on the notice board in the waiting room and the website.

Change of Opening hours

From September 2017 we will have three 8 am starts, Monday Tuesday and Thursday. We will have two late evening surgeries Monday and Thursday.

Out of Hours Service

We are changing our out of hours service from Doctor on duty to North doc. We hope to roll out this service from October 2017.

The Building

We are reconfiguring the building in August 2017 to enable us to have four consulting rooms rather than three. Please turn over for the exact details.

The Fees

There will be a small increase in the fees for the services provided. Again these details will be available in the waiting room and the website.