Change to Phlebotomy Service

Dear Patients

The Phlebotomy Service in The Parks Medical Centre has been streamlined.  The service is fully recorded and traced from request for a blood test to documenting that the patient has received their test results.  The development and implementation of this service has been extremely time consuming for both admin and medical staff.

That said, we feel that this is an important component of patient care and which has proven to be safe and extremely effective.

The implications of this significant extra manpower means that from Monday 4th March the price will increase to 40 euro.

This applies to both Private and GMS patients.

For Clarification Purposes:

GP Consultation                                                                               60E

+ bloods                                                                                              40E

Bloods as requested by GP                                                          40E

Bloods requested by patient (not by GP)                              Service not available

Consultant Bloods                                                                           List of bloods to be dropped in and confirmed by GP before appointment set up

Consultant Bloods                                                                           60-40E test dependant.

Please note there is a free GP blood clinic available to both private and public patients in Connolly Hospital. For more information about this service please see the notice beside this one.

The change in consultant bloods is to ensure the lab we use (Connolly) can process the consultant bloods as frequently Consultant led blood requests are specific and non-routine and tend to cause huge issues with the various labs

This does not affect your rights as a GMS patient as routine blood tests are not covered under the GMS contract.

Phlebotomy/Blood Clinic Service

We provide a fully traceable phlebotomy service within the practice which ensures that your blood tests are managed from your tests been ordered by your GP to you receiving your test results.

This involves and lot of man hours from various different personal within the practice.

Please note there is a free GP blood clinic available to both private and public patients in Connolly Hospital.

As we are not directly linked to the hospital, we have no control over their waiting periods nor can we predict what these waiting periods will be.

To avail of this free service in the hospital you will need to call the GP Blood Clinic Appointment line. 

This is open every day from 10am to 12pm for patients to make appointments or you can drop a GP request form into the hospital ensuring your up to date phone number is on it.

The hospital main telephone number is 01 6465000 and follow the prompt for GP Blood Clinic.

You will have discussed the ordering of your blood tests with your GP, who will fill out the request form for you to bring to the blood clinic.

Of vital importance is that, should you choose to have your bloods done through this route, you must alert the practice on the day you have your tests carried out, so that the practice can put your tests into our tracking system.

This is to ensure that both you and your GP that ordered your tests get the results.

Our nurse phone in results service is operational from Tuesday – Friday from 12pm-1pm.  The number to call is 086 2047305 and Denise is our Practice Nurse. 

All results will be given out only when your chosen GP has reviewed your results and put up a “lab review” which Denise will read out to you.  Denise cannot give out results until this is done.

The timeframe from getting bloods done to receiving your results is 2 weeks unless it is a specialist test which may take longer however our phlebotomist will inform you of this.

For Consultant led bloods we are now asking you to drop the list of bloods into reception whereby your GP will confirm prior to making an appointment if it is possible to have these tests carried out in this practice – frequently Consultant led bloods tend to be unusual tests which require specialised labs and can cause huge issues for both you the Patient, the Phlebotomist, the Lab and then subsequently the GP.