Autumn/Winter 2019

Dear Patients

Every Autumn/Winter we have an overwhelming increase in demand FOR APPOINTMENTS which we constantly trying to facilitate.  As you undoubtedly know, we work off a daily cancellation list, trying to get as many patients seen as we can and trying to get those seen who need it most.

Each GP can only SAFELY see a number of patients in each session and can only deal with one main issue and if time allows perhaps a small secondary issue (this being discretionary).  If you have more than one issue, we recommend booking for a double appointment, which will incur a double consultation fee.

Telephone calls

It will NOT be possible for our GP’s to return the huge volume of calls previous years has dictated.  For every clinical GP session worked there is the same if not longer, time spent on admin work.  This is predominantly spent checking results/ reading post/ actioning jobs from post/ processing a huge volume of repeat prescription requests/ PMA’s/Medical legals and then trying to return telephone calls.

This is no longer sustainable for the health of our GP’s.

There will be a limitation put on the amount of calls our GP can make and will be dictated by the GP and you may be asked to attend for consultation/review. The fee for consultation is 60 euro and the fee for a follow up review following consultation is 40 euro.

Text Messages

Please take two minutes to check if you have consented to receiving text messages from us – this is by far the most efficient way of communication

Demand for appointments

This increase in demand for appointments we know causes frustration both from YOUR perspective but also from our perspective.

We work off an appointment system to alleviate excessive delays but the nature of our business is that delays WILL occur and DO occur.

To ensure best practice is experienced by all please be patient while waiting. If you have “checked in” at reception, we know you are here and we know you are waiting.  We will be with you as quickly as we can. 

If you haven’t “checked in” then please do so straight away.

If you make an appointment and decide you don’t need it, please let us know with as much notice as possible so we can give it to another patient.

And as always, thank you for your patience.  We know how busy lives are and how extra waiting times can affect your day. 

We are always interested in patient feedback and should you wish to do so, please drop a note in the comments box!