Covid Vaccination for over 70’s

Dear Patient,

Below please find all the information you need regarding our Covid Vaccination schedule. As directed by the HSE we are looking after the relevant cohorts in order of age, we have successfully completed our first vaccine clinic for our over 85’s and are now working through bookings for our next cohort of 80-84 year old patients.

If you are over 70 and would like to receive the vaccine in our surgery, please print off the two letters below, one is an information letter and the other a consent form. Please read the letter carefully, fill out the consent form and return it to us asap. The consent form will be looked at by our medical team and if everything is in order, we will keep it on file for when your age cohort is due.

To give you an idea of when to provisonally expect your vaccine here is the schedule of clinic dates. Please note this is completely supply dependent!

Clinic 1                  04/03/2021                         Vaccine 1 for patients over 85

Clinic 2                  18/03/2021                         Vaccine 1 for patients 80-84

Clinic 3                  01/04/2021                         Vaccine 1 for patients 75-80 and vaccine 2 over 85 yrs

Clinic 4                  15/04/2021                         Vaccine 1 for patients 70-74 and vaccine 2 80-84 yrs

Clinic 5                  29/04/2021                         Vaccine 2 for patients 75-80 yrs

Clinic 6                  13/05/2021                         Vaccine 2 for our patients 70-74 yr olds.

If you do not have a printer, we have printed plenty in the surgery already so please feel free to ask at reception.